Hostel Jobs England

Hostel jobs England and other great reasources. England offers a number of great cities to explore and many of these hostels hire travelers to work. Follow up and Have fun.

Hostel Jobs England


England is one of the top countries in Europe to visit and work in. England offers a number of great cities to explore while staying in well maintained hostels. Many of the hostels in England hire travelers to work in exchange for a place to stay. In addition, hostels make a great base for backpackers who can work in the United Kingdom and want to experience life in the country. So here are some greats resources and some hostel jobs england

England’s current status with the European Union could alter backpackers’ ability to work in the country. It is important for anyone planning a trip to the U.K. that wants to find a hostel job, or any other employment, is up to date on the current legislation. Backpackers may want to head to England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland soon to experience the four countries before Brexit is complete. Otherwise, travelers can find great hostels and job opportunities in the following cities.

The English capital is one of the most traveled destinations in the entire world. It makes sense that London is a major jumping off point for travelers. Explorers head to London and many from Commonwealth countries stay for long periods and working jobs to help pay for accommodation is a way remain in the city. It is important to note that London is expensive, so finding free accommodation can keep a traveler in the city for longer than they planned.
LHA London ( offers visitors the chance to have free accommodation in exchange for 20 hours of volunteer work a week. Travelers must donate 20 hours a week to stay for free. Volunteers can work more if they choose.
Other hostel jobs in England include:
St. Christpohers
YHA (which has locations and jobs all over the U.K.)

London is the other cool spot for hostel jobs and travel. Manchester has long been a destination for students and backpackers. Manchester is a mecca of music, sports, and it is a great place for students to attend college, university, or a language academy.
One of the most popular hostels to stay and work for is Hatters Hostels. The hostels’ jobs are quite competitive, so it could take some time for them to get back to you.
Hatters Hostels Manchester
YHA also has job opportunities in Manchester. Backpackers may be more likely to find a volunteer position rather than a job. While Manchester is a common destination for backpackers, it isn’t as large as London, so there are fewer options for hostels.
YHA London Jobs
Contact Hostel is a charity in the Manchester area. While it may not be the type of hostel many backpackers are looking for, working for Contact could offer a rewarding experience.
Contact Hostel Jobs

Situated in the northeast of England, Newcastle is a top destination for locals and travelers looking for a good time.
The Albatross Backpackers Hostel is a top pick for anyone staying in Newcastle. It has jobs that travelers may be able to land for a place to stay or cash.
Albatross Backpackers Hostel Jobs
Like in London and Manchester, YHA offer great opportunities to backpackers in Newcastle.
YHA Newcastle Jobs

TYNE Housing Jobs

Euro Hostels has openings for various jobs in Newcastle, too.
Euro Hostels Newcastle Jobs

Home of The Beatles, Liverpool Football Club, and great nights out. Liverpool is home to a number of great hostels.
Euro Hostels is located in Liverpool as well and provide positions for backpackers looking for work.
Euro Hostels Liverpool Jobs
The International Inn is a three-star hostel that always needs workers to help them stay that way.
International Inn Jobs
Hatters Hostel has a location in Liverpool as well.
Hatters Hostels Liverpool

Brighton is the south’s key party area. It is a town that sees thousands of people flock to for the sea, sun, and clubs. Due to its popularity, there are numerous hostels and jobs available.
Baggies Backpackers Hostel is a vibrant place to stay and work.
Baggies Backpackers Jobs
YHA also has a great location in Brighton for backpackers to join.
YHA Brighton Jobs

Other top backpacker, travel, and hostel cities/regions in England
Cornwall is a great area that combines laidback country with the seaside. It is a top choice for visitors.
Oxford is home to Oxford University and it is a popular sightseeing town.
Dover is another seaside town in England and attracts sightseers who want to explore the White Cliffs.
East Sussex is a historic region of the country. It is home to castles, ancient monuments, and the famous Battle of 1066.

Other websites to find hostel jobs
Backpackers should look at various hostel job websites for possible openings. It could be a way to get a much-desired position while they backpack through England.

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