Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Dance and Spanish

Expanish Spanish School in Buenos Aires offers students a unique language learning experience by combining Spanish courses and authentic cultural experiences, enabling students to fully immerse themselves in the culture of Argentina.

Our strongest belief is that learning Spanish while living in a Spanish-speaking country is the best way to achieve a true understanding of and proficiency in the Spanish language. At Expanish Spanish School, we have merged our passion for both travel and education in order to offer students the experience of a lifetime and an effective and enjoyable way to learn Spanish in Argentina.

Why Study Spanish in Argentina
Studying Spanish in Argentina will open up a world of opportunity! Whether you are looking to add value to your future career possibilities, expand your current education or you simply enjoy meeting new people and experiencing a different culture, Buenos Aires provides the perfect backdrop for this unique life experience.

Studying Spanish in Argentina allows you to immerse yourself completely in the language, which provides an opportunity to quickly gain true proficiency in the language while also enjoying the unique Argentine culture.

Educational Excellence
The Expanish formula achieves academic excellence through a combination of great teachers, small classes, and a solid academic framework. Our high-quality teaching staff and proven teaching methods will help students learn Spanish as quickly as possible.

Complete Experience
Expanish offers the complete immersion experience! Our accommodation options allow students to experience the Argentine way of life and to practice the language at home, and our well-rounded activities schedule offers the opportunity to practice Spanish outside the classroom while also having fun and exploring the city.