Tree planting

Work hard and make good money

Can anyone become a tree-planter? Yes.
Does everyone who goes tree planting become a tree planter?No.
What determines who will succeed? You do!

There is no secret that tree planting is one of the toughest jobs out there. But why is it so tough? It is different for each person. There is no specific formula that determines success. The only thing that stops an individual from succeeding at tree planting is the person themselves.

As a first year tree planter, the first two weeks of the season are often the hardest and most critical. It is during this time that you are going to learn how to plant properly and probably won’t be making much money doing it. To tree plant effectively takes time and practice. You won’t learn how to do it one day. However, like most things, the more you do it, the better you get at it; with tree planting, the better you do it, the more money you make. At the end of the season, first year planters should make $ 3000-$ 6000 after camp costs. Veteran planters can make over $ 10,000 in a single spring season.

Do you like to sleep in the cold? Do you like to eat black flies? Do you like mosquito bites? What about wearing cold,wet work boots? Probably not, but you might when you are making $200 or $300 or $400/day!!! What are your limits and are you willing to push past them?

Although there is no predetermined formula of who will succeed, there are some key characteristics that seem to be present in “hard core” tree planters:

Competitive nature
Twisted sense of humour (an ability to laugh at a variety of unexpected situations)
Love of nature
Ability to ‘go with the flow’
Treeline will provide:

Meat and Vegetarian meals (please note that we cannot accommodate severe allergies or provide special meals)
A full bush camp including: a mess tent, kitchen, dry tent, hot showers, latrines and satellite T.V.
Information on acquiring planting bags and shovels will be provided to the planters upon hiring
Free transportation from New Liskeard or Kirkland Lake at the start of the season and back at the finish
Transportation to and from the work site (to the bush camp) on a daily basis – included in the ‘camp cost’
Planters are responsible for:

Purchase of planting equipment – available through Treeline for approximately $130.00
A camp charge of twenty to twenty five dollars per working day covers the cost of the camp, and includes meals as well as transportation to and from the planting site. Camp charges will be deducted from your pay
Living quarters (i.e. tent, sleeping bag, etc.)
Appropriate work wear (hard hat, steel toed boots, proper clothing, etc.)
The ability to self-motivate, endure extreme weather conditions and biting insects while keeping a positive mental outlook and determination to make money
The will to be part of a winning team!