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Companies that are leading the way with Remote Work

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Working Nomads
Remote jobs for digital working nomads. Work remotely from your home or places around the world.


Bonus: Start learning Online Marketing


The Experience

When you hear “successful” people speak profoundly about the journey it took to get to where they are: there is a reason for that. It is the struggle, the hustle, the mentors, the connections and the education that truly shape you. Being able or even having the desire to live and work around is not for everyone but those that like to travel and experience new faces and places it is truly spectacular.

I was fortunate growing up and I was able to go live and work in Ski towns during uni holidays, I trained in Thailand, I worked on oil rigs, I had a stake in a business that set up hostels at festivals and events around the world I learnt something from all of it both good and bad but I can honestly say that once I started to develop my digital skillsets is when I truly started to feel more and more comfortable – I now had a tangible skillset one that people would pay well for but more than anything it was the creative freedom that I had given myself. The abilty to take any idea I had in my head and express it though a website, drive traffic to it through marketing and see very quickly whether something was in demand or not. While I still have a long way to go in so many aspects of life I can whole heartedly recommend giving yourself a digital education

How to go about it

While you see a lot of sites or youtube videos preaching start an online business and travel the world you really need to know what your doing or you will get schooled fast. While I believe that everyone should learn to start an online business it is often a good idea to start learning a digital skillset so you can truly capitalize on building an online business as you are constantly building a new skill. There are many options out there WordPress, Online marketing , programming, design to name but a few. In the beginning one can also leverage of platforms such as shopify if you would like to sell a tangible good. If you are going to rely on the money generated from the business make sure to have some sales or traction before we you get going. If you are not relying on the money lets face it there are so many countries that are cheaper to live than Canada, US, Aus or the UK

Written by Matt Oakes


Bonus: Start learning Online Marketing


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