Festival crew for San Vino, The Bulls, Tomatina and Oktoberfest

Party travel for the open minded international

Stoke Travel travel job

The Role:

FESTIVAL CREW for Stoke Travel
Year round

We are looking for weird and wonderful crew for our summer festivals around Europe. You will be working and partying with us at the festivals. Creating a stokewonderland, helping out in several departments during the festival (bar, kitchen, reception ect.) and packing up the campsite.


Apply to Stoke Travel directly

Attn: Jamie , Applying for Festival Crew


Springfest (Spring Oktoberfest) Munich, Germany – April 15th – 24th
San Vino, Haro, Spain – June 28th – 30th
Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain – July 6th – July 14th
Tomatina, Buñol, near Valencia, Spain – August 29th – September 2nd
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany October 17th September – 3rd October

Who is Stoke Travel:

Stoke does travel your way. Stoke won’t herd you around with inflexible itineraries. Stoke doesn’t lose track of the beauty of travel. None of Stoke’s trips are identical, but there is a consistent theme. We like to consider our guests to be participants in the experience, not observers. We create an environment where you feels you ‘own’ your trip, with enough flexibility in our schedule for you to make your own decisions as to what you do.

**Note many of these roles are already filled for this year but there are some OKtoberfest positions left as well people may drop out.

*** Not for the faint of heart. These festivals although a lot of fun are very tough on the body and you will certainly need some down time after the respective festivals.


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