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Festival Jobs for Travel


How to go about it
There are many companies that will hire for the festival season big tour companies such as Contiki, Busabout and TopDeck will keep you working pretty much all of the summer. Festival companies such as Stoke travel, PP travel and festivals all around will have temporary positions for the bigger festivals. The best way to apply for these is to apply directly through the website or try to speak to someone at the company – see the links below. Just remember this is not for everyone it can be very hectic and at the end of the events you will definitely need some down time.

You can follow the same advice for volunteering or working at Music festivals and others. Always remember the legal restrictions and do your homework here.

Festival travel jobs in Europe

Festival Season – Oktoberfest, The Bulls, La Tomatina, San Vino and countless others.
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Stoke travel at Oktoberfest
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The Running of the Bulls
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San Vino the wine fight
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La Tomatina
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The Experience

Helping out at festivals around Europe is an eye opening experience. A few years ago I had a stake in a company that would set up Hostels at festivals and events around the world. So essentially we would build pop up villages at the likes of Oktoberfest, the Running of the Bulls, Euro Cups etc. It was incredible to get a chance to live in a new city while we worked to put things together meeting all the locals and getting a chance to feel what it was like to live there. Then during the festival meet people from all around the world – these were the pros.

Here is a short write up from a friend of mine about working at Oktoberfest:

After 3 exhilarating months of traveling around Europe last year, my finances were running low. But I was determined to reach Oktoberfest and rock the Stein’s.Just when I thought I was going home I came across liveseasonal.com who were working with Hostival to build an affordable accommodation village in Munich for Oktoberfest.

It was a great experience, we built a village using Marquee’s and modular containers and created an atmosphere for the guests. Their were about 20 of us running the village with new awesome people from around the world arriving every day and leaving as friends.

The work schedule was such that we ran reception, took pub crawls but had plenty of time to get into the Oktoberfest beer tents. Which I soon discovered is very much Disney land for 20/30 somethings and dirndl’s are some of greatest items of clothing ever invented.

It was an awesome experience but it is full on, you will be exhausted by the end of it, but probably have a few hundred more friends and memories for life!

Just a word of advice this is not for everybody , budget hostel living. But I was able to extend my trip by 1.5 months and not have to spend huge money on Oktoberfest accommodation.

Thanks Stoke Travel