Muay Thai training in Koh Samui

Get in the best shape of your life.

Lamai Muay Thai Camp (WMC) is the oldest and most established traditional Muaythai Camp on Koh Samui, supported by the one and only World MuayThai Council.

Located overlooking Lamai Beach and beautiful surroundings we have full english management and world champion Thai trainers and fighters offering top-class training for beginners, advanced and the professional fighters. The camp’s instruction and regime is designed to work for everyone’s needs with onsite camp facilities include a healthy western cafe, strength and conditioning package classes and a fully stocked Fairtex & Mtg official onsite shop.

Classes are for all ages , sexes and fitness levels we have 10 experienced trainers plus head coach Nong to take you through the two hour class … we will step by step take you to the next level and ensure your safe and your fitness levels increase each time ! every lesson you will be taught different techniques, clinching , bag work , shadow boxing , sparing, skipping and pad work if there is anything your not sure on or not keen we can alter or help you on your weaknesses !