Learn WordPress

Wordpress gives you the creative ability to prototype fast, get feedback and iterate accordingly. 25% of websites on the internet are Wordpress websites.

What you will get out

Getting a digital education I can honestly say is one of the best things I have ever done. I have gone over the course of a year from being lost after failing a business to feeling like I have almost complete creative freedom. Where ever I am, whatever I may be doing I am always thinking about ideas and I know now that I could act on these ideas. How would this process play out:

  • Speak to as many people as possible, getting feedabck and thoughts
  • Build a prototype website using wordpress or wix – it would be lean, with analytics hooked up to it
  • Drive traffic to the website through Digital Marketing and once agin speaking to everyone about it
  • I would be able to watch my metrics online through my analytics dashboards and A/B testing to see what is working and what is not working
  • Start fine tuning, to give my customers exactly what they want

WordPress: Create Stunning WordPress Websites for Business

Why do it

Here I can tell you why I do it

  • Creative freedom and the abilty to test ideas
  • If you love to travel, you can work from anywhere. I love exciting new places and meeting people from all over the world
  • You are growing real world skills – skills thats are great for entreprneurs or in an employed role.
  • You have literally a world audience at your finger tips – find your audience 1000 True fans

Who is it for

  • Anyone

My Work: with 6 months experience with WordPress and a Bootcamp

Live Seasonal
the XMD
Live and Work Remotely

Companies that use it

The Rolling Stones
Sony Music
The New Yorker
The official Star Wars blog
Time Inc
Google Ventures
The New York Times company

Helpful Resources

WordPress Learning Track by Team Treehouse. In the Treehouse tracks you’ll learn how to build a WordPress website, this is one of the quickest and most popular ways to build a dynamic website. 25% of the internet is made up of WordPress site.

Become a Junior WordPress developer with Lynda.com’s. Become a Junior WordPress Developer. Get the skills you need to develop custom websites powered by WordPress.

WordPress for Beginners the best way to learn wordpress with Udemy

Javascript for WordPress by Zac Gordan formerly of Treehouse. When Matt Mullenweg of WordPress says for WordPress devs to learn Javascript deeply there is a reason.

Envato Tuts WordPress
According to WPMUDEV , Envato Tuts+ works best for established professionals who want a place to learn new skills on an ongoing basis, rather than aspiring developers who need to develop a broad base of WordPress knowledge.

There really is a lot of information out there for learning WordPress. All the information can be overwhelming. These are some resources that helped me in the beginning. The JS for Worpress I plan on doing.


How to become a WordPress Pro by wpmudev
Whats skills do you need to be WordPress Developer with Fresh Consulting