Salty Pelican Surf Jobs Portugal


Salty Pelican Surf Jobs Portugal

Work exchange program – The Salty Pelican Yoga & Surf Retreat Cascais

Thank you for considering to join our work exchange program. We have many people applying who would like to work at The Salty Pelican in in 2018, so do what you can to stand out and convince us that you’ll fit right into our tight little family here. If you’re looking for a surf camp where you can surf heaps and party… we’re definitely not for you. If you’re looking to be part of a team to share our core beliefs and ethos and be more than just your job title, to be a team player, to be a host, to be part of the overall quality of life here, to work hard and to be a thoroughly good person… then your going to do really well here.

Work exchange at The Salty Pelican Beach Retreat in Cascais, is a great opportunity to work and live in a friendly atmosphere where you can meet people from around the world. In exchange for 35 hours a week of work in a variety of tasks – ranging from front desk duties, organising daily activities, to helping with our weekly meditation hikes – you’ll receive free accommodation and daily breakfast buffet. You will also have the chance to join our twice daily yoga and meditation programs at no cost when you are not scheduled to work.

The Salty Pelican prefers to accept participants who are students or long-term travellers who are equally interested in exploring a new city as well as contributing to The Salty Pelican vibe by supporting our staff without question. We expect you to take your work seriously but at the same time become apart of our small family.


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To participate in the work exchange program… at least a   2 month commitment is required….                                             

Nuts & Bolts  Applicants who are accepted into work exchange, take on general staff duties that contribute to the efficient day-to-day operations, add to the overall vibe of our retreat and to be an amazing host. 

Work  Each week participants work up to 35 scheduled hours in the areas of front desk, general tidying up & maintenance of gardens, evening activities/events and help preparing and serving breakfast buffet. Placements in these areas of work are determined based on availability, order of priority for the retreat, and on qualifications and interests of applicants. We usually have a fixed weekly roster which does not change most of the time but occasionally a staff member will be required to fill a shift at late notice when required. Our standards are very high here at The Salty Pelican and we expect each of our staff members to maintain a clean and clutter free environment for our guests, which includes tidying up after guests occasionally . We have full time cleaners so you will not be required to do any cleaning shifts.

Play    In addition, because work exchange participants spend so much time on-site, they are often available to participate and organise retreat outings like evening dinners in our garden or helping on our meditation hike twice a week. These activities are the best time to meet other travellers and explore the surrounding nature. We are located just a few minutes walk from the beautiful swimming beaches of Cascais but we are 12 minutes drive from the nearest surf beach. Our surf school is run by a separate company, so we are not a typical surf camp where you can just go surfing everyday by foot and availability in the surf vans is usually reserved for guests only most of the year. Occasionally when possible, staff can join the surf van for the daily surf lessons but its always up to the managements discretion and the surf school charge €5 each time for the transport. We have twice daily yoga sessions scheduled each day which you are free to join whenever you are not scheduled to work. 

Livin    In exchange for these work and play hours, work exchange participants receive free accommodation in a private staff room usually shared with one other female staff member, free daily breakfast buffet. You can use the retreats facilities to cook your own meals, as we have a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal. 

Who Should Apply  At The Salty Pelican we fill the work exchange program with energetic and motivated people who want to be part of our small Salty Pelican family. Diversity is encouraged… Students of hospitality and people with interests in international travel, hotel management and marketing are encouraged to apply.

Length of Stay  A minimum stay of 2 months is required. There is a maximum stay of 90 days unless you have a European passport or the relevant working visa/permissions. Stellar participants will be gladly accepted for stays longer than 2 months. 

To Apply  Please send us your complete CV, a quick overview of yourself including a paragraph or two about the reasons why the Salty Pelican would be a good fit for you, your travel experience and goals, a photo and relevant website/Instagram links to any of your work if appropriate.  Please note that this is not an application for permanent employment and that you will not be permanently residing at The Salty Pelican Retreat.   Thank you!       >>