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Team Treehouse and how to start an online buiness

Building an online businesses with treehouse

About this Course

If you have an idea and think you can make some money off it, it’s time to start a business! In this course, we’re going to look at what it means to take an idea and make a business model out of it. Once we have a business model, we’re going to spread the word, try to sell our product and get real customers!
What you’ll learn

Product market fit
Exploring a business model
Inbound marketing strategies
Sales basics

Before we start working on our business, we need to flesh our idea how to form a starting business model. In this stage, we’re going to take a simple idea and break it down into nine different stages using the Business Model Canvas.

Additional Information

Here is a list of some useful tools and readings by no means a definitive list. Some of it you will know, some maybe not but skim over and take what you need. There is a difference between small business and a startup.

Helpful Resources

Should You Start a ‘Startup’ or Build a Cash-Flow Business? by Tim Ferris. This is a podcast so check out Tim’s podacst its awesome – He interviews high performing individuals in various diciplines. You will learn from these podcasts.

Start with why a TED talk with Simon Sinek

How to Start a Startup by Paul Graham founder of Y Combinator who accelerated Air BnB, Dropbox and many other. His essays and talks are a wealth of information.

How to launch a startup in 2017 by Alex Chuang a leader of the Vancouver startup community

How to create a million dollar business this weekend by Noah Kagan via Tim Ferris blog. Both brillaint minds in the Start up world. An interesting read and useful tools.

1000 true fans by Kevin Kelly. Kevin was a co founder of wired magazine and on top of being a thought leader he has some awesome books available. His most recent The inevitable – the 12 forces that will shape our future. Great to hear his thoughts and views on many topics including his recollection of the early days of the internet. Stories include trying to talk Mcdonalds into registering the Mcdonalds domain.


There is obviously a wealth of information to help guide you. Let us know if you would like some more and we will send them through but of course research on your own. Learn take what you need and think for yourself.

Start up School by Y Combinator

Paul Grahams Essays

The blog of Tim Ferris