Work and Travel Bali

Work and Travel Bali

This guide is a work in process. There are many other great guides to working and traveling in Bali. We will make sure this page is redone soon. Have fun on the travels

Work in a Hotel in Bali.

These may be harder to acquire for anything other than experienced managers and interns. But nothing is ever impossible. Follow up and explore your countries agreements with Indonesia as well as many opportunities under this good Indonesia job database. Another option is of course to email hotels in the area of your choice.

Teach English in Bali

Always a great way to live and explore exciting countries. You can see some great resources here on our
Teach Abroad Page.

Dive Instructor Jobs Bali

Check out some opportunities here and make sure to follow up with these businesses -ask questions and enquire as to possibilities.

Nautilus Diving Bali Jobs and Internships
Diving Instructor Jobs Bali with Two Fish Divers

Diving Instructor Job for South Lombok

Internships opportunites that require payment

Instructor Internships


Yoga Instructor Jobs Bali

Start your own business

Bali is a digital nomad and internet business hub so there are plenty of creative individuals enjoying the lifestyle, the people and the lowers costs. And of course the surfing… wow I miss surfing, haha.

While we love to see people embark on starting and trying new things just make sure you are smart. If you are starting something new make sure you have a little money saved up before up rooting everything for “greener pastures”


Cost of Living

Come and enjoy the serene setting of Bali, Indonesia. Surf the days and party the nights away.