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Work and Travel Barcelona

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This answer could be really long, so I’m going to write about what you have specified. Feel free to ask again for more concrete features.

Daily life: it depends on the district, but on rush hours there is a lot of cars and people in the metro and buses. Fortunatelly the public transport network is excellent -and one of the cheapest in Europe- so it’s easy and fast to go anywhere, from the beach -such as Barceloneta- to the mountain -Montjuïc or Tibidabo. As a very important percentage of the city income comes from tourism, we are used to live between tourists, which I personally think is cool. The average workday here is very long, most of the people go to work at 8AM and don’t rerturn at home until 19-20 due the tradition of making a big pause during the lunch, 2 hours aprox, and the famous “siesta”.

Jobs: is hard to get a good job mainly because there’s a poor offer. The youth unemployment is around the 30% and most of the jobs are precarious. Despite this the tech field has a high demand, and most of the CS (and related) university degrees students get a job easily. A lot of engineer graduates go to work at Germany, where there’s more demand. Apart from that the tourism has an important impact and makes thousands of jobs and creates trade flow.

Business: from old classic businesses until muntinational companies attending the Mobile World Congress, here you will find almost any kind of enterprise to invest of. It agrees with the Smart City ( concept the city is trying to achieve. About traditional commerce -and also tourism-, Barcelona has the most important Mediterranean harbour because, among other reasons, the city is in a strategical point: near to Africa and in the west of Europe. It makes it a good place to export and import.

Night life: Barcelona has a wide offer of bars, theatres and clubs. From Vila Olímpica -the beach- until Sarrià -a wealthy neighborhood- you will find what fits better to your wishes. Almost every day of the week! And on weekends, the average hour the clubs close is 5:00AM.

People: as the 50th most populated metropolitan area of the world, there’s a lot of outsiders. Surprisingly for a lot of people, there are more Italians than any other nationality. The constant tourism makes the city very interracial, and as it’s not a violent one, I think it’s fair to say the people are nice.

In resume, I think Barcelona is a great place to live, I love it. But I must say there is a lot of inequality -sometimes unseen- between the neighborhood, and near the 23@ -a high-tech development neighborhoods- there are dozens of garages where globetrotters have their carts where store whatever they find at containers.

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Its Spain! Unless your Catalan/Spanish you are probably fcuk out of luck – even if you are Catalonian things are tight. (These comments aside finding work is always possible but be sure to research of the economic climate you are going into.)


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