Work and Travel Shanghai, China

Work and Travel Shanghai & Getting Started in China


Country: China

Currency: rmb (also called yuan)

Working Holiday Visa:

China has very strict laws regarding working while in the country. You must get the proper visa in order to permitted to work legally. If not and you are caught, you risk deportation and other charges.

China Work Visa (Z Visa)
China Tier Work Permits Explained
Chinese Embassy Visa Page
Step By Step Application for Chinese Work Permit

Work and Travel Shanghai Accommodation:

Fortunately, the expat community in Shanghai is huge so you’ll be in good company. These websites will help guide you toward how to find proper accommodations during your lengthy stay in China.

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Work and Travel Shanghai Job Directories:

Looking for a job in Shanghai? The demand for teaching English in Shanghai is huge. You don’t even need to be a teacher wherever you come from to do it. You simply need a 4-year degree in any field (though education is preferred) and no criminal record. You’ll also need to get the right visa. But even if you don’t want to teach, plenty of other fantastic jobs are available for expats if you know where to look. Start here!
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Cost of Living:

Shanghai isn’t a cheap city, but it’s a great one. Here’s some information on the cost of living in Shanghai.
Cost of Living in Shanghai
Cost Calculator with Currency Conversions

Travel Jobs and Work Exchanges China:

Find hosts to live with or work exchanges in China!
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