Work and Travel Sydney, Australia

Work and Travel Sydney


Getting Started in Sydney with our work and travel Sydney post. You can find below introductory information to travel jobs Australia, accommodation, working holiday Australia visas and visas applicable to a working holiday visa Sydney.

Country: Australia – Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales.

Currency: Australian Dollar ($AUD)

Working Holiday Visa Information:
Working Holiday Visa (417) – for residents of EU Countries, Canada and Taiwan
Work and Holiday Visa (462) – for residents of other countries, including the USA, Poland, Chile.
FAQS about working holidays in Australia
STA Travel Visa Application Service:

Also note there is a special internship visa clasified as Visa 416. This is a visa catered to individuals who have grown up on a farm, have trained to work in agriculture or in veterinary Science. This visa also extends to individuals who are well trained and poccess skills that could be useful to work in rural and outback Aus. Nurses, contructions workers are just some examples. Follow up to read more about this.

Citizens of New Zealand can work in Australia. There are a couple things to do though on arrival.

Gumtree – the main website used to find private rentals including sharehouses. Housing in Sydney is very expensive so you should be prepared to share if you need to save money.
Sydney NSW Hostels & Backpackers – the NSW Government has a list of all the hostels and backpacker accommodations within the Sydney city area.
Australian Explorer – this website lists most of the hostels in Sydney, and results can be filtered to show hostels Australia-wide.
Flatmates – Flatmates is a popular website to find sharehouses, which is an affordable and safe option for students and travellers.

While you are on your working holiday visa in Australia, you can work in any job as long as you do not stay with the same employer for more than 6 months. If you do at least 88 days of specific work (in construction or farming) in a regional area, you can extend your visa for another 1 year. Sydney is not considered a regional area, but parts of New South Wales are.
Backpacker Job Board – This website has many jobs all over Australia, with most of them in Sydney. Travellers can easily search to find opportunities in Adelaide.
Job Search – many people on Working Holiday Visas look for work on farms, picking fruit or doing maintenance, as it counts towards the second year visa as long as you are in a regional area. This Government website helps people to find jobs of this nature.
Working Holiday Co – another job website for an organisation that will help you to find a job in Australia.
Travellers at Work – another job’s board which can help travellers to find general jobs in Sydney and elsewhere, in roles including sales and hospitality.

Backpacker Jobs Australia Facebook Group – A useful resource to help you find jobs. This group is Australia wide, but because Sydney is Australia’s biggest city, most of the jobs are based there.

Travel Jobs and Work Exchanges:
Hunter Labour Hire – one of the most popular industries for working holiday visa holders is the construction industry, and they hire many backpackers every year. Hunter Labour Hire is a big Sydney- based company that hires many people and can help you to find work. If is outside of the city, it counts towards your second year visa.
EST10 – this recruitment company specialises in finding people for administrative and clerical work. While this kind of work does not count towards a second-year visa, it does often pay a lot better than farm work or construction work.
WWOOF – volunteering opportunities on farms, in exchange for food and board. Generally because the work is unpaid, it does not count to the second year visa, however ,it is a great way to experience Australian life.
We Need A Nanny – a website to help families find nannies/au paires for their children. Nannies may be paid an allowance, plus their living costs. It does not count for the second year visa.
Cronulla Beach Hostel – one of the best hostels in Sydney, this hostel is located right on the beach about 50 minutes from the CBD, and can help you to find work in industries such as hospitality or construction.
Sydney Cricket Ground – one of the biggest stadiums in Australia, the SCG employs hundreds of people from all different backgrounds to work on events. A good place to look for well-paid, casual work.

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