Work and Travel Whistler, Canada

Skiing and snowboarding while meeting people from around the world.

Work and Travel Whistler, Canada


A basic work and travel Whistler resource for those looking to spend some time in Whistler. We link to useful resources for working holiday Canada visas, some of the employers who hire in Whistler as well as include some of the resources used to find accommodation. Follow up with them and have fun on your adventure.

Country: Canada

Currency: Dollars(CAD)

Working Holiday Canada

Winter Season Jobs

Who is known to hire visa’d Traveler’s

Whistler Blackcomb Jobs
What matches the infinite possibilities of our 8,171 acres of ski-able terrain? Employment and career advancement opportunities at Whistler Blackcomb. Not just a job – an experience of a lifetime.

Fairmont Chateau Careers in Whistler
An Extraordinary company, an extraordinary Career

Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa careers
Join the most recognizable hotel brand in the world. With products and services that meet the needs of tomorrow’s global travelers, we create experiences in which every guest feels cared for, valued, and respected. Our passionate team delivers a Canadian mountain resort experience that inspires our guests with lasting memories.

Looking to join our team in whistler?
The Gibbons hospitality group runs 5 major bars in town including The Longhorn, Buffalo Bills, Tapleys, Garfinkels, Firerock many of which you will know well by the end of the season.

Join the Hostelling International team
Working for HI lets you take the best parts of travel and make them your job. Our teams across the country are built on respect, openness, and passion for what makes us different and what brings us together. We love this country and we’re committed to sharing it with the world.

Jobs and Careers at the Crystal Lodge
“Whether you’re thinking of an exciting lifelong hospitality career or a position to help pay for your seasonal Whistler experience, there’s an opportunity for you at the Crystal Lodge. All we ask for is your commitment, enthusiasm and authentic approach to customer service.”

21 Steps

Aava Whistler Hotel

Adara Hotel

Araxi Restaurant + Bar


See the full Whistler business directory here. and of course there is Google.


Helpful Resources

Google This should be a given. Use google to research every hotel, restaurant and bar in town.


Whistler housing for locals
The go to facebook group for Whistler housing
Craiglist Whistler
Search for houses and appartments on Craigslist Whistler. Remember here to use your common sence. Do not send money to anyone before you have seen the place in person!
Whistler Blackcomb Staff Housing
You have to work for the mountain to qualify to live here during winter. A lot of fun! Ski in ski out but be prepared to bring your A game party wise.
Contact any friends with connections in Whistler

What is it like to live in Whistler the abridged version

As the first snow falls in your ski town of choice you will quickly realize that you have made a life changing decision to embark on this adventure, an adventure full of good times, good friends, a love of the mountain and never a dull moment. There is of course plenty to do before you get settled but it will happen. People always say that experience is a great teacher so have a read take what you need from my insight but have fun and make this the best five months of your life ( at least until the next best five months of your life)

Whistler is one of those rad little towns where people come from all around the world to embrace a lifestyle. The seasonal culture of the town brings young people to work and keep the town running. However your job merely provides income for rent and your habits, haha. While work is imporatant for survival , it is the big mountain in the backyard that provides most of the entertainment. Doing a season means you are able to get consecative days on the mountain and really push your riding/skiing. I was able to get 60 days last season a far cry better from a weekend away a year and I really noticed it in my riding. By the end of the season I was able to ride everything. This is what I wanted to build this skill set to where I can take it around the world. The social side of the town is great and many freinds will be made. My first season I worked for the mountain and was able to get Staff Housing. We had an appartment with 4 people, two bunk beds in each and paid 500 a month. Staff is pretty rowdy but I was there to party.

Accommodation is probably the biggest pain in the ass in the beginning of your season but once you have this in place you can go about living your life again, but now in the lifestyle you have dreamt off. It is true that a good pad and people can be the difference between an average season and an incredible season. The people mean the most but a good pad is awesome. In my last season in whistler we had almost committed on a small room living below the landlord there was to be five of us but we stoked we had a place. The next day a kiwi friend of ours came round and said that he had found an awesome house and that we should have a look. What we saw was exactly what we were looking for it was a free stand house with 3 levels and a back yard with wall of firewood for the winter. It was old school and it had serious character. This house would be the basis for many memories. We took the house and armed it with 3 South african’s, 2 Aussie, 2 Kiwi’s and 1 Canuck for good measure. And yes that is a bar with windows and an oil drum fire place we built in the back yard.

Jobs are generally easier to get than accommodation but in most cases everyone in this town is over qualified for the job they find themselves doing. Qualified lawyer at Starbucks , Accountants working Roads and Parking. However with the sheer demand in these towns the mountain has you by the balls or equivalent.  Short of starting something for yourself in these towns( which we highly recommend) you just have to play the game and want it. If you want it you will get it, persistence. Make sure you talk to the decision maker and leave a lasting impression. There are many job fairs that go on very early in the season(October/November) , now most places have a significant number of jobs to offer such as the mountain and the big corporate business but many just have job fairs for promotional purposes. Don’t give up you will get a job. After all this is just a means to support your habits but most importantly this will provide you with an increased friendship base that you will enjoy for years to come.

One thing to remember is that in every town there are good ways to find out about jobs if you can pull any strings talk to contacts/ mates before you leave always makes life easier. When you get to the town there will be usually be a local paper that displays the current jobs. But try everywhere a couple of times. Craigslist is of course a great resource for both jobs and accommodation. And of course all the relevant facebook groups.

I worked at the roundhouse bussing tables, worked construction and worked roads and parking during various stages of my 2 seasons in Whistler. I worked hard and worked standard 40 hours a week and worked with great people. Most countries around the world have a mr noodle, 2minute noodle or equivalent. For those of you who are not familiar let me take a moment to educate you. These are the dehydrated noodles that come in a square plastic pack and sell for around 40 cents canadian, R3 , 40 cents australian, 30 euro cents. If you don’t know these now you will by the end of the season. Working for the mountain is good and bad. They control your housing and ski pass so pretty much they have you in a corner, hahaha. They also pay the around the worst in town depending on what gig you have but like I said we just need the money for mr noodles , alcohol and rent.

Cost of Living

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