Work Exchange at El Diablo Tranquilo hostel in Uruguay

There’s something special about this place that connects our visitors to the town

Who hasn’t thought about escaping life and spending a summer on the beach surfing, meeting alll kinds of people, and taking in some sun? I have news for you – it’s not an escape, it’s living life to the fullest and it just might be just what you need- A Uruguayan work exchange.

If you would like to become part of our community, contributing in a meaningful way to new and exciting projects while working with people from every corner of the planet, look no further. Here at El Diablo Tranquilo we always open to welcoming people into our community. So whether you are looking for a place to plant new roots, somewhere beautiful to trade a few hours work for a free bed and a couple of meals each day, or the opportunity to collaborate on dynamic new web projects from the seat you are in right now, check out some of the positions we’re offering today:
On-Site Jobs which all include full room and board.

Off-Site Jobs, rewarding your creativity and ability while allowing you to fine tune new skills as a part time helper on some of our internet or charitable endeavors.

Independent Projects – Life is a journey, and we want to make your stop here a step in the right direction. So between time hanging out with guests and basking in the sun, we offer every employee – and even interested passerbys – the opportunity to develop and independent project in conjunction with our management. This could mean anything from offering pilates classes to new methods of guest demographic analysis to helping manage our Twitter account.

Want to know us better?

We’ve got a lot of information for you! If you’re interested in finding out more about our hostels, the rooms and the views we offer please first check out what we’ve got here.
Any other questions?

If you have any questions regarding who we are, what we do, jobs availability or just want to ask a question about these openings, you can reach us:
– by email:
– by phone: +598 477 2519 (El Diablo Tranquilo Playa Suites, Hostel, Restaurant and Bar)

Contact the hostel directly at: El Diablo Tranquilo hostel

Process Improvement
We like making people smile, and we don’t want them to forget the laughs we share here – help us do it better!

Web Presence
Hone your web marketing skills by helping manage our web presence through the use of:
and many many more.

Classes and Instruction
Have a skill you want to share?
Arts and Crafts

Leave your Mark
Leave your painting on our walls
Contribute to our consignment photography collection
Help us build new furniture and expand our deck and beach bar
Bring life to our blog or new travel tools website with your words

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