Working Holiday Adelaide, Australia

Getting Started in Adelaide, Australia & Working holiday Jobs Adelaide

Country: Australia – Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. 

Currency: Australian Dollar ($AUD) 
Working Holiday Visa Information: 
Working Holiday Visa (417) – for residents of EU Countries, Canada and Taiwan 

Work and Holiday Visa (462) for residents of other countries, including the USA, Poland, Chile. 

FAQS about working holidays in Australia  

STA Travel Visa Application Service 

Working Holiday Accommodation: 
Gumtree the main website used to find private rentals including sharehouses. 

Adelaide City Council – the council of Adelaide has a map of all the different hostels that are located within the Adelaide area 

Australian Explorer this website has a good list of all of the hostels in South Australia and it can be filtered by location 

Flatmates -Flatmates is a popular website to find sharehouses, which is an affordable and safe option for students and travellers. 

Working Holiday Jobs Adelaide Directories: 
While you are on your working holiday visa in Australia, you can work in any job as long as you do not stay with the same employer for more than 6 months. If you do at least 88 days of specific work (in construction or farming) in a regional area, you can extend your visa for another 1 year. All of South Australia, including Adelaide, is considered a regional area.
Backpacker Job Board – website with thousands of listings for backpacker jobs all over Australia. This can easily be searched by travelers to find opportunities in Adelaide. 

Job Search – – many people on working holiday visas find work on farms, fruit picking or doing other odd jobs. All of these activities count towards the 2nd year visa. This Government website helps people to find jobs of this nature. 

Fruit Picking Jobs – another job website that can help travellers to Australia to find jobs in fruit picking, which may allow you to stay in Australia for an additional year. 

Working Holiday Co – another job website for an organisation that will help you to find a job in Australia. 

Wine Industry Jobs – a jobs board that specialises in jobs in the wine industry. Every year, the wine industries hires thousands of vintage casuals to help with picking and crushing grapes. Adelaide has many wine regions where you can work. This work counts towards the second year visa. 

Travel Jobs and Work Exchanges: 
Adelaide Oval – Adelaide Oval is located in the Adelaide city centre and employs thousands of people as casual workers. They often have job openings and backpackers are welcome to apply. Not only does this job pay well, but you can also get to soak up the atmosphere of Adelaide’s biggest stadium! This job would not count towards a second year visa. 

Viterra – Viterra is a large grain harvesting company that hires hundreds of seasonal workers between October and January. They encourage applications from people on working holiday visas and the work counts towards a second year visa. 

Adelaide Fringe – in February/March each year, Adelaide hosts a huge art festival and hundreds of people are hired to work in jobs such as security, waiting, and in the ticket offices. 

WWOOF – volunteering opportunities on farms, in exchange for food and board. Generally because the work is unpaid, it does not count to the second year visa, however it is a great way to experience Australian life. 

We Need A Nanny – a website to help families find nannies/au paires for their children. Nannies may be paid an allowance, plus their living costs. It does not count for the second year visa. 

Barossa Backpackers –  – located in the beautiful Barossa Valley, about one hour from Adelaide, this hostel offers short and long-term accommodation, and can also help you to find work. Most would count towards the second year visa. 

Cost of Living in Adelaide, Australia: