Writing intern to document the exploration of 50 fiestas

Party travel for the open minded international

Stoke travel is looking for interns to join them on their travels of 50 fiestas. Document your travels and grow your skill set as you go.

Dates: Needed ASAP. Dates are open. Minimum 3 months but we’ll consider less.

Do you love to write? Do you find the world to be a boundlessly wondrous place full of hilarious surprises? Want to take a leaping bound towards the unicorn career that is being paid to put pen to your thoughts and experiences? We’re looking for talented writers to work with our media team to create engaging creative copy, blogs and guides for the Stoke Travel content universe. An open mind, a love for travel and an undying affection for the written word necessary.

Email Stoke Internships directly
Attn: Scribes, an internship with Stoke Media Co.
Just in case of a link failure. Email jobs@stoketravel.com to get involved.