What is Lifestyle Design and Some Useful Links

Lifestyle design explained, in short. Also included are some awesome resources for you to explore deeper should this interest you. Have Fun.

Lifestyle Design


Many of us know what we’d like to do if we weren’t tied to a 9 – 5 job: maybe volunteer, travel
the world or even write a book. Often, though, it seems like there’s never enough time to do
these things around hours put in at the office and with only a few weeks of holidays every year.
Sometimes it seems like we won’t get to really do all of the things we want to with our lives until we have retired. Enter Lifestyle Design.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way. We don’t need to wait until the last years of our lives to really live and do more with our time on earth.

Lifestyle design is not a new concept, although it had its perhaps most famous moment with the
release of Tim Ferris’ The Four-Hour Work Week. Lifestyle design is a concept of creating a life
where you’re not tied down to a particular job or place, working to make someone else rich.
Instead, it’s about creating a life where you are free to live where you want, do what you want,
and really enjoy the things that matter to you. For some people, that might be volunteering or
spending more time with their family. For others, it might be conquering all the mountains in the world or experiencing life in many different countries.

It might even be working for six months of the year in your home country, and spending the
other six exploring the rest of the globe.

Above all else, it is about having the freedom to do what you really want to with your life,
whatever that is.

What is Lifestyle Design?

Here are some blogs and articles that are written by people who have used lifestyle design to
craft lives they absolutely love.

Life Skills That Matter – https://lifeskillsthatmatter.com/lifestyle-design/ – by Stephen Warley
Escaping the Nine to Five – http://www.escapingthe9to5.com/ – by Maren Kate
Tropical MBA – http://www.tropicalmba.com/ – by Dan Andrews

Resources for Developing Skills Useful for Lifestyle Design

There are many great online resources that can help you to develop in-demand skills that will
set you up well to design a location independent life. Here are our top picks.

Live Seasonal – 100+ Open Source Education Resources – a list of more than 100 courses
perfect for starting your remote career
EdX – https://www.edx.org/ – participate in courses from some of the world’s leading education
institutions such as Harvard and MIT, remotely and for free! (Or pay extra to receive an official certificate)
Coursera – https://www.coursera.org/ – another brilliant online learning platform featuring free
remote courses from big names like Stanford and Yale

Codecademy – https://www.codecademy.com/ – a free online resources that makes learning to
code websites and computer programs easy and fun
Udemy – https://www.udemy.com/ – take (paid) courses from top experts all over the world, in a
range of different fields and industries
Lynda.com – https://www.lynda.com/ – similar to Udemy however you pay one monthly fee for
access to all of its courses

Resources for Finding Remote Work

One of the key aspects to lifestyle design is finding ways to earn a living that don’t require you to be in an office for a minimum of forty hours per week. Here are some great resources for finding remote jobs, which typically pay by the hour and include other benefits of permanent

Live Seasonal – 50+ Companies That Hire Remotely – a list of more than fifty companies (in all
different industries) that hire remotely
Live Seasonal – Location Independent Jobs – a list of popular remote work industries and
where to find jobs in those fields
Remote.Co – https://remote.co/remote-jobs/ – a large jobs website that advertises roles in all
different industries
Working Nomads – https://www.workingnomads.co/jobs – a comprehensive jobs website for
working travellers
My Work Hive – https://www.myworkhive.com/ – another jobs website devoted to listing all
different kinds of remote jobs

Resources for Starting Your Own Business

Many people who have found success with lifestyle design have started their own business to
fund their way of life. Here are some great websites to get you started on your entrepreneurial

B Plans – http://www.bplans.com/sample_business_plans.php – free sample business plans to
start bringing your ideas to life
Canva – http://www.canva.com – powerful free graphics software to help you make beautiful
images, logos and other materials
WordPress.org – http://www.wordpress.org – the internet’s most popular website platform allows
you to quickly and easily start your own blog, website, or online store.
Wave – www.waveapp.com – powerful, free accounting software that is perfect for freelancers
and digital nomads

Resources for Finding Freelance Work

Working as a freelancer is a popular path that many interested in lifestyle design take. It can
allow you a lot of flexibility in where you work, what you do, and who you work with. Here are
some of the best websites for finding freelance projects.

Freelancer – http://www.freelancer.com – one of the largest freelancing sites on the internet,
with thousands of different projects for you to work on
Upwork – http://www.upwork.com – another large freelancing website that allows you to create a
profile and connect with would-be clients
Fiverr – http://www.fiverr.com – allows you to register for a profile and provide ‘gigs’ across all
different industries to paying buyers
99designs – http://www.99designs.com – this website is for graphic designers, especially logo
designers, and allows you to submit logo designs for would-be clients
PeoplePerHour – https://www.peopleperhour.com – aimed primarily at developers and
programmers, PeoplePerHour specialises in short, well-paid projects

Hiring a Remote Assistant
While it is certainly not necessary for everybody, Tim Ferris advocates for hiring a virtual or
remote assistant to help you be more efficient with your time. Here are some popular sites for
hiring VAs.
Virtalent – https://www.virtalent.com/ – a website devoted to helping you to find a suitable virtual
assistant to help you with everyday tasks
Hire Virtual Assistants – http://www.hirevirtualassistants.com – a company that specialises in
helping you to find a skilled virtual assistant
Smart PA – https://www.smart-pa.com/ – a well-respected name for finding virtual assistants,
with pricing packaged by the month
Upwork – https://www.upwork.com/hire/virtual-assistants/ – Upwork has many great virtual
assistants, with a comprehensive review system for added peace of mind

Hope some of the resources and links above prove useful. Just remember to always be learning and growing every day no matter how tough it gets sometimes.

Also for great reading check out Tim Ferris’s Books and more
The Four Hour Work Week
Tools of Titans
Tribes of Mentors
Tim Ferris’s Books

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