Work and Study USA

Work and Study USA. A short guide to work and study programs and information for the USA. Discover opportunities & programs, visa and accommodation resources.

Work and Study USA


A short guide to work and study programs and information for the USA. Discover opportunities , visa and accommodation resources, then read up more and make it happen

Country: United States of America

Currency: $USD (US Dollar)

Working and Studying in the USA Visa Information

It is no secret that the USA has some of the best universities and colleges in the world. Studying in the USA can be an amazing opportunity to further your education, as well as learn about the American culture and way of life.

There are different pathways to work and study in the USA. Some students prefer to do their entire degree at an American university, although this can be very expensive. There are some scholarships available, however.

A more affordable option is to do a short-term exchange in the USA – perhaps 6 months or one year. The most common visa type for this option is the J1 Visa, which allows you to study in the US for up to one year. During this time, you can work, as long as it is not more than 20 hours a week and your university gives you permission. Generally, this work should be on campus, however there are exceptions.

There are also even shorter options, including study tours that may last from a few days to a few weeks. These programs can give you a good taste of American life, without breaking the bank!

More information – Short Term Exchange:
More information – Studying in the USA:

Program Options

Fulbright Scholarships – one of the most prestigious and generous scholarship programs, it is awarded to postgraduate students who demonstrate strong academic ability.

State Department – – the official list produced by the US Government that lists all of the different institutions and scholarships available.
International Student – – this organisation
specialises in assisting students to find work and study options in the USA. This option is perfect for students who wish to work in their chosen fields (for example, working in a law firm while studying law) while completing their studies in the USA.

International Student Exchange Programs – A not for profit
organisation that specialises in helping students to find short term exchanges for learning and
development, as well as cultural exchange. They have many programs in the USA.

Flag International – – Flag is an organisation that specialises in placing students abroad, including in short term programs that last from a few days to a couple of weeks. These programs are available for students aged 16 – 19 years old.

If you are currently enrolled in university or an equivalent tertiary institution, then it is a good idea to speak to them as they may be able to assist you to find exchange opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities are funded by your university.

Accommodation Options

It is usual for students who are studying at universities in America to live on campus. Your
accommodation may be provided as part of the fees you pay for your course, and it may be a
requirement for your visa that you remain on campus.

If you need to arrange private accomodation, here are some good options:
For Rent – – a comprehensive website for finding private and shared rental accommodation across the USA.

Easy Roommate – – sharing a room is a great way to save money and
also meet people during your stay in the USA. Easy Roommate is one of a number of websites to help you find the perfect sharehouse.

Craigslist – – probably the USA’s most famous classifieds website, Craigslist has a section for everything, including housing. Just be careful and aware of the scams that operate on the site!

Cost of Living

Varies greatly depending on the state and city. Try the following tools to give you an idea:

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