Work and Travel California

Work and travel California. Find basic information on travel jobs California, accommodation and working holiday USA visas. Work and Travel California, Rad!!

Work and Travel California

Get Started in California with our work and travel California resource. Below you can find basic introductory information to travel jobs California, accommodation and working holiday USA visas. Work and Travel California, Rad!!


USA – California is the most populated state in the United States of America


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Working Holiday Visa Information

Unlike other countries like Australia, the UK and Canada, the USA does not have a specific “working
holiday” visa. Instead, it has the J1 visa, which allows eligible entrants to visit and work in the United
States for up to a year, in any state they like, including California.

In order to get this visa, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. That is that:
 You have graduated from a tertiary instruction (such as university) no more than one year
before you apply for the visa; or
 You are currently studying at a tertiary institution such as a university; and
 You are proficient in conversational English.

If you are eligible for the J1 Visa, then you can work within one of fifteen different “streams”. These
include summer camp counsellors, au pairs, and interns.

More J1 Visa Information (

Working Holiday Visa USA Jobs

To be eligible for the J1 visa in California, you need to be sponsored by an organisation. These
organisations offer jobs in fields such as au pairing (where you look after children), camp counselling
(organising activities for children at summer camp) and interning with a variety of companies.

Some of these organisations in California include:

The International Au Pair Exchange – – a Californian organisation that is registered to
host au pairs in the USA. Au pairs typically work caring for young children in exchange for a room, food
and pocket money.

Camp Counsellors USA – – another Californian organisation that is registered
with the US Government as an official sponsor of J1 visa holders. As the name suggests, it specialises in
placing visa holders in summer camps where you help to organise activities and care for American
children during summer break.

International Culture and Career Exchange – – this Californian based
organisation is a registered sponsor for J1 visa holders and works with a range of different companies to
place interns in California and abroad. Note that you need to show work history or education in the field
that you are interning in.

Amity Institute – – this not for profit, Californian based organisation aims to facilitate
cultural exchange for teachers. Note that in order to qualify you must be studying or have recently
graduated from a tertiary level teaching course.



You may need to find private accommodation while you are on your working holiday in California,
however many jobs – such as Au Pairs or Camp Counsellors – have accommodation provided. If you are unsure, speak to the sponsoring organisation about what is provided.

If you need to find your own accommodation, here are some helpful links:

Easy Roommate – – California can be an expensive state to live in, especially if you would like to live near the major cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco or Santa Monica. Easy Roommate is a helpful website for finding sharehouses.

Craigslist California – – Craigslist is a popular online classifieds service to help you find private rentals or sharehouses. There are many listings on the website, however it is important to be careful to avoid scams.

For Rent – – a website with many different rentals, including private
apartments and homes, as well as share houses.


Cost of Living in California

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