Work and Travel Chile

Get started in Chile with our Work and Travel Chile resource. Find basic information on travel jobs Chile, accommodation and working holiday Chile visas.

Work and Travel Chile


Work and Travel Chile. Get started in Chile with our work and travel Chile doc. You can find below introductory information to travel jobs Chile, accommodation and working holiday Chile visas

Country: Chile, South America

Currency: Chilean Peso


Work and Holiday Visa Information to Chile
Chile is a beautiful South American country with diverse landscapes and great wine regions. It also has working holiday arrangements with several countries. To qualify for a working holiday visa you must meet the following criteria:
 Hold a passport from a relevant country which may include Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden or Switzerland;
 Be aged between 18 and 31 (or 35 for New Zealanders);
 Have a return ticket booked;
 Have travel insurance for the duration of your stay; and
 Have sufficient funds to support yourself on arrival in Chile.

If you meet the criteria, you can live and work in Chile for up to a year, as long as you don’t work for the same employer for more than six months. The application should be made to your country’s Chilean embassy who can also confirm your country’s eligibility.

Work and Travel Jobs
Contact Chile – – This website is aimed specifically at short term residents of Chile looking for part-time or full-time work.
There are many jobs available at hostels, hotels and guest houses around the country. Many of these include full board.

Craigslist Jobs Board – – Craigslist is a popular website for advertising English-speaking jobs in Chile, and especially in the capital of Santiago.

Chile Inside – – Becoming an au pair is a good option during your working holiday visa in Chile. Typically, au pairs live with a host family and receive accommodation, meals and pocket money in exchange for caring for children.

Go Overseas – – this website helps English speakers to find teaching roles in Chile.

Trabajando – – One of the most popular job sites in Chile, Trabajando has thousands of jobs all over the country. Most are aimed at Spanish speakers, although some are suitable for those without comprehensive Spanish language skills.

Valle Nevado – – Chile is home to many ski resorts including picturesque Valle Nevado, which is also a major employer in the country.


Teach English in Chile


Work and Travel Exchange Chile

Work Away – – a comprehensive listing of volunteer work exchange programs across Chile. You can volunteer on a property such as a farm in exchange for accomodation, meals and cultural exchange.

HelpX – – HelpX is a popular website that offers work exchange opportunities in a variety of different locations and roles. Often it involves manual work such as farm work or general maintenance, in exchange for board.

WWOOF – – Part of a global network of volunteering opportunities on
organic farms, WWOOF Chile allows holidaymakers to get free accommodation and meals in exchange
for work on an organic farm.

Realtor – – a popular website that lists apartments and houses for private rental all over Chile.

Viva Street – – Viva Street is a popular free classifieds website that lists private and shared rentals in Chile.

Comparto Depto – – a popular local Chilean website for finding
shared accommodation. It is mainly in Spanish although there are also English listings.
Craigslist – – popular amongst English-speaking expats, Craigslist also has many apartments, homes and share houses for rent.

Language Courses
Chile Inside – – Chile Inside is an organisation that can help
to arrange immersive Spanish language classes for people living and working in Chile.
Escuela Bella Vista – – a popular Spanish language school in Santiago,
Escuela Bella Vista is internationally recognised and offers many short and long-term course options.

Cost of Living

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