Work and Travel Colombia

Information on travel jobs Colombia, where to find accommodation, language schools and working holiday Colombia visas. Also useful resources for digital nomads going to Colombia. Have fun

Work and Travel Colombia


Find basic information on travel jobs Colombia, where to find accommodation, language schools and working holiday Colombia visas. Also useful resources for digital nomads going to Colombia. Have fun


Country: Colombia, South America

Currency: Colombian Peso

Work and Holiday Visa Information to Colombia

Don’t listen to the stereotypes – Colombia is a beautiful, safe country that has rich culture and many employment opportunities for those from abroad.

Colombia has a limited working holiday visa program that allows citizens who are aged between
18 and 30 years old from the following countries to live in Colombia for up to a year:

    • Mexico
    • Peru
    • Chile
    • France

However, residents from other countries may be able to live in Colombia on a temporary “M”
work visa. To be eligible for this visa you must meet the following criteria:
 You have an employment contract with an employer in Colombia;
 The employer can demonstrate an income of 100x the minimum wage in Colombia over
the last six months;
 You have the relevant qualifications for the job (if applicable, e.g. in the case of a doctor
or lawyer); and
 You have a passport with at least six months validity.

You may also be able to get a visa to study in Colombia if you are studying at a university in
Colombia or undertaking a short course (like a language program). You must be studying for at
least ten hours per week and this visa stream does NOT allow you to work while you are

More Information – the official Chilean Government website
Digital nomads see the above for any questions

Jobs in Colombia

Xpat Colombia – – a great jobs website with many listings for
English speaking jobs
Trabajando – – a well-known jobs website across Latin America, Trabajando lists thousands of jobs in Colombia
Jobs in Bogota – – specialises in finding high paying jobs in Bogota
(Colombia’s capital) for English speaking professionals
Indeed – the Colombian version of massive American jobs website
Indeed has many jobs for English and Spanish speakers
OpcionEmpleo – – a comprehensive jobs website for finding roles in Colombia
Go Abroad– – this comprehensive
jobs website lists many jobs available for foreigners in Colombia
Digital nomads in Colombia or going to Colombia may find the below interesting

Accommodation in Colombia

Encuentra  – – a popular website
with thousands of listings for apartments and homes across Colombia
Long Term Lettings – – a website that
lists apartments and houses for rent for terms of one month to one year
El Pais – – a popular website/newspaper for listing classifieds including homes for rent – it is in Spanish, however it can be translated by Google.
Comparto Apto – – a great website for finding share apartments, which are perfect if you are on a budget
Apartment International – a website that specialises in more high-end apartment rentals in Colombia
Apts Colombia – – an English language website that
features a great selection of apartments in Colombia

Language Courses

Nueva Lengua – – a
well-respected Spanish school in the beautiful city of Cartagena which has a laidback
atmosphere and is very affordable
Universidad del Rosario – – learn
Spanish at one of Bogota’s most well-respected universities, with these in-depth and formal
Centro Interactivo Espanol – – this Spanish school in Medellin
specialises in culture swap as well as teaching Colombia’s official language

Cost of Living by City in Colombia

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