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Work and travel France. Find basic information on travel jobs France, accommodation and working holiday France visas. Have fun

Work and Travel France


Get Started in France with our work and travel France resource. Below you can find basic introductory information to some travel jobs in France, where to find accommodation and working holiday France visas. Work and Travel France, have fun!





Getting Started in Paris. Work and Travel Paris

Work and Travel in France Visa Information

France has a working holiday visa available for residents of 14 non-EU countries. This visa allows for working holiday makers to stay in France for up to a year, travelling and working.

The criteria for a young traveller (working holiday visa) to France is:

    • You must be from one of the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile,Colombia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, Uruguay;
    • You must be between 18 and 30 years old (except Canadians, who may be up to 35 years old);
    • You must have sufficient funds to support yourself at the beginning of your stay, and topurchase a return ticket; and
    • You must have travel insurance to cover your stay.

Citizens of EU countries are generally eligible to work and stay in France without applying for a working holiday visa. In addition, visitors from Canada can extend their stay for up to three years in total.More information about working holiday visas in France, or to apply for a visa see the official website: Working holiday visas in France – French government


Working Holiday Visa France Jobs and Resources

French National Employment Service – – this official French
Government website lists work opportunities in agriculture around France. Depending on the season, jobs such as fruit picking are perfect for working holiday makers.

Disneyland Paris – – fancy working at the happiest place on earth? Euro Disney is a major employer in France and has a comprehensive jobs listing on their website.

Speaking Agency Jobs  – – native English speakers may find that teaching English is a good option for making money while visiting France. Speaking Agency can help find this work, whether it be an informal arrangement or a formal teaching position.

Best Ski Jobs France – – a popular type of job for temporary workers in France is working at the ski chalets in the French Alps. There are many jobs available, from bartending to ski instructing – and they all offer beautiful views and downtime to enjoy the ski resorts yourself.

Jobs in Paris – – for those wishing to work in France’s beautiful capital Paris, this website lists many jobs where French language skills are not required and English is preferred.

Centre d’Exchanges Internationaux – – this organisation can assist people with working holiday visas in France to find jobs in English or France.

Doing a ski season in The Alps -Chamonix

Jobs and Work Exchanges France

HelpX France – – HelpX is a popular website that lists work exchange opportunities all over the world. The website is very popular in France and there are hundreds of opportunities all over France.

WWOOF France – – This website connects travellers who are prepared to work on organic farms in exchange for accommodation. There are more than a thousand farms registered
around France, and it is a great way to learn about the culture and practice your language skills as well!

Inter Exchange in France – – Working as an au pair is a good option for earning money while in France, as native English speakers are sought after to help care for children and teach them basic English. Usually, this is in return for accommodation, food and some pocket money.

Eurocamp – – Eurocamp has various campsites located all
around Europe, including in various French locations. It is a major employer and many of the jobs on offer come with included accommodation!


A comprehensive guide to renting property in France:

The FUSAC – – a popular newspaper (now online) for English speakers in France, FUSAC has been around since 1988 and has comprehensive accommodation listings for property in France, and especially Paris.

Leboncoin – – this comprehensive classifieds website is one of the best places to find rental properties including share houses. It is mostly in French, although there are some English listings.

Roomeez – – a website in both French and English which has thousands of listing for sharehouses all over France. This is especially useful if you’d prefer to live in an expensive city such as Paris.

Language Courses

Institut de Francais – – immersion
courses are the perfect way to learn French, fast! Institute de Francais is one of the most respected courses.

Language International – – a
comprehensive listing of all different language courses in France, including immersion courses and regular courses up to a year.

Cost of Living France

The cost of living in France varies depending on your location. Here are some popular cities:

Cost of living in Paris
Cost of living in Bordeaux
Cost of living in Marseilles<

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