Jobs Abroad with Accommodation

Jobs Abroad with Accommodation. How to find a job with accommodation abroad making an easy transition to an incredible experience.

Jobs abroad with Accommodation


Finding Jobs abroad with accommodation helps make the transition to your new life overseas much easier. Let’s explore how to do it and who hires.

Deciding to make the move abroad is an exciting moment in one’s life – it is the first step to a life-changing experience. So now that the decision is made there is still a lot to be done but don’t worry it’s easier than you think, and even if there are obstacles you can figure it out. Finding a job with accommodation is definitely one of those options that makes the transition to your new life abroad much easier. There are pros and cons that we will go into later but from an ease of move and a quick transition into your new life abroad these are often seamless and if your roommates are good this makes for an incredible time.


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Let’s start by Highlight a company that offers Jobs abroad with Accommodation and then look at the Job Categories where this is sometimes an option. Often Jobs abroad with Accommodation can be available in the following categories:

Disney Jobs
Find out more about the magical opportunites offered by Disney in Orlando, California and many other exciting locations around the world.

Disney Cruise Line Jobs
At Disney Cruise Line, you can set sail on the job opportunity of a lifetime aboard our extraordinary ships! You can create an unforgettable voyage for families by delivering exceptional guest service, while also charting the course for an incredible career journey of your own!

Teach English in China with Disney English
Since the opening of our first center in Shanghai in 2008, Disney English has been sharing the joy of language learning with tens of thousands of children across China. With our award-winning curriculum and unparalleled Disney stories and characters, we help children develop a passion for the English language. Here, we give trainer and a variety of other professionals the opportunity to shape young children’s futures and build rewarding relationships with them along the way. This is a wonderful opportunity in education, providing you with the unique opportunity to make a world of difference in a child’s future.

Work at Walt Disney World Resorts
As part of Disney International Programs, you’ll experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most innovative entertainment companies. Living and working at Walt Disney World® Resort allows you to connect with people from across the globe, create lifelong memories and be immersed in an English-speaking environment. You’ll also gain valuable leadership, presentation and customer service skills –all things that Disney is known for worldwide.

Jobs with Accommodation in other industries.


Cruise ship Jobs

The Experience
As far as life on a cruise ship… I tell everyone almost the same thing. There honestly is NOTHING like it on land. You work and live with the same people for 5-9 months at a time, you party with them, you go to port with them, and you make amazing relationships with them. But then you leave them. The crew has their own bar “back deck” where the fun people show up to everynight. Drinks are super cheap, there’s always music, it might be caribbean or latin 5 nights a week, but there’s music. You get to meet other people from outside your department and your division and that is the best part about the job in my opinion. After 5 years I can basically go to 60% of the world and have a free place to stay before I know someone from a ship. As you are on the boat you are of course living there…. Read more about Cruise ship Jobs

Top Companies who hire

Princess Cruises jobs and information
Carnival Careers jobs and information
Royal Caribbean jobs and information
Disney Cruise line jobs and information
Holland Amercia jobs and information

Teach Abroad Jobs

There are many companies that are looking for teachers to teach English abroad. Browse through the Resources below to find out which ones offer jobs abroad with accommodation.

The Experience

Glasses are clinging and the smell of garlic is in the air. People are out an about with kids in strollers and although it might be almost midnight on a weekday. Each bar is packed displaying an assortment of tapas and bottles of wine. Where is this place you might ask? Well, welcome to Logroño!…… Teach English in Spain

Helpful Resources

Dave’s ESL cafe
This is the ultimate Teach Abroad job board. The internets meeting place for ESL and EFL teachers + students from around the world.

ESL Starter
ESL starter offers international teaching placements in some of the best places to teach abroad. For over 10 years, we have helped people embark on new journeys & achieve life-changing experiences.

Hostel Jobs

The Experience
Working in a hostel gives you a chance to meet people from all over the world. You truly get the best of both worlds you live in a city and get to know what local life is like while meeting both locals and travellers on a regular basis. As you are working at the Hostel accommodation can be provided make sure to ask when you enquire and if they dont have make sure to ask where the locals find their accommodation.

How to go about it
The best way I always found to get a job while traveling was to do my research and initiate contact before I go. If I am planning to go for an extended period I would have a visa and make a short list of possible options using hostelworld or hostelbookers to get an idea of how the particular place perceived. I would then apply call them up and apply online. This sets the bal in motion and the hostel now knows who you are. Keep following up and looking for as many opportunities as you can, with these types of positions its best to play a numbers game but be strategic in highlighting your skills and personality. Once you land go visit all the places directly and see if they are hiring. This was how I was mostly able to get all my travel jobs. Just remember there is usually a high and low season in the Travel industry. Be persistent.

Here are some hostels that provide a job and accommodation abroad.
Che Lagarto sometimes offers jobs abroad with accommodation
With locations in multiple South American cities follow up to see what the criteria is for helping out and what is offered.
Loki Hostels in Peru offers short term opportunites and accommpdation
For travelers who are willing to stay and help them out for a month or possible more.
Volunteer in Columbia with Journey Hostel
Meet amazing people, immerse in colombia and stay for free

Work Exchanges

Whether you are looking to exchange a skill for free accommodation and meals, or looking to learn a new skill and culture, work exchanges are an exciting part of travel. Through finding an opportunity one is able to turn a 2 week trip into a 3 month adventure – And when you start to live in a place for an extended period of time you truly get to experience the city – meeting and connecting with locals.

Festival crew for San Vino, The Bulls, Tomatina and Oktoberfest
Hostel Jobs in South America with Che Lagarto
Work Exchange in Costa Rica by the beach
Sail Croatia Photographer
Photographers needed to capture 50 festivals around Europe for Stoke media
Working at YaKorea Hostel, Seoul as a volunteer

Working Holiday

The Experience
So, in this case, you have your visa and you are moving to a new city. Discover where the locals find accommodation. Here are some of our hopefully helpful links to getting started in a new city on a working holiday. Some of these links will have jobs abroad that provide accommodation.

Work and Travel Berlin, Germany
Work and Travel Paris, France
Work and Travel Amsterdam, Netherlands/a>
Work and Travel Seoul, South Korea
Work and Travel Dublin, Ireland
Work and Travel Sydney, Australia
Work and Travel Tokyo, Japan
Work and Travel London, England
+ Many more

Surf Instructor Jobs + Yoga Instructor Jobs

Surf Instructor work exchange in Hawaii with Kona Surf Company
And get a chance to see Hawaii from a local perspective with their awesome work exchange

Surf and Yoga camp jobs in Marrakesh with SandyCamps
Such an incredible way to surf Morrocco and to see the place from a local perspective.


Enjoy the video and if you need any help let us know. We love to see people living adventures.


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