Working Holiday UK Visa

Heres how to go about getting a working holiday UK visa. In addition, you will find job and accommodation resources too. Have fun.

Working Holiday UK Visa


Heres how to go about getting a working holiday UK visa. In addition, you will find job and accommodation resources too.  So many exciting adventures to be had. Hope this helps you get started and feel free to reach out for any help. Have fun.

Country: The United Kingdom, which is made up of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England.

Currency: The Pound Sterling (£GBP)

Working Holiday UK Visa Information

• Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme):
• Applicants must:
o Be under 30 years old;
o Have at least £1,890 in savings at the time of applying; o Havetwofreepagesintheirpassport;
o Neverhaveheldthevisabefore;and
o Befromcertaineligiblecountries.
• FAQs about the youth mobility scheme in the UK: visa-faqs
• Guide to applying for the visa: visa-as-a-new-zealander-393a214be214
• Migration Expert application service:

UK working holiday visa canada this applies for Canadians.

Process for Obtaining a UK Youth Mobility Visa

1. Make sure you have all of your documents ready (including a bank statement that is no more than 30 days old and shows your full name, address and account number).
2. Fill out the online application at type/tier5
3. At the end of filling out the application, you will need to book an appointment at the Biometrics Centre and also print out your application and a check list.
4. Attend the Biometrics Centre to have your photograph and fingerprints taken, as well as your checklist stamped.
5. Send all of your documents, along with your passport and a recent passport-sized photograph, to the relevant processing office in your country (the address will be listed on your application form, and the Biometrics Office will also give you some information) with five days of your appointment.
6. Wait! If you paid for priority processing, it should be processed within 5 days. If you paid for regular processing, you should get it back within 15 days.
7. Receive your passport, along with visa stamp, in the mail.
8. Bring your passport and official acceptance letter with you to the UK. Once you arrive and
clear immigration, you need to pick up a British Residence Permit card within ten days. Your acceptance letter will tell you where to go to collect it.
If in doubt, consider asking for help or going through a migration agent or travel agent who will be able to help you.


• Gumtree: – a popular website used for finding shared rentals, private rentals and short term accommodation. London in particular can be very expensive, so you may wish to share with some flatmates
• Rightmove: – the largest dedicated real estate website in the UK, it has thousands of listings for share houses, private rentals and property to buy.

• Open Rent: – a good website for finding rental properties that do not charge high administration or other fees. These fees can be expensive in the UK.
• Independent Hostels Guide: – A list of independent hostels where you can stay, and possibly work, all over the UK.


While you have your youth mobility visa in the United Kingdom, you are free to work as anything except a doctor or a professional sports coach. You can work for up to one year in total during your two-year visa. Some places to look for jobs include:
• Indeed: – the largest jobs website in the United Kingdom, on this website you can find thousands of jobs in all different industries.
• Reed: – a recruitment agency that offers many temporary jobs, which work well for travellers on working holiday visas who do not wish to stay in one place for too long.
• Total Jobs: – a jobs website that lists many different roles across the UK. These include many jobs that are suitable for those on working holiday visas.
• Working Holiday Club: descriptions.html – a useful website for finding jobs especially aimed at people on working holiday visas in places including the United Kingdom. These jobs include permanent and temporary positions in many industries.
• IEP: – IEP helps people on working holiday visas secure work worldwide, including in the UK. They have particular experience in finding people work in British pubs.
• National Trust: – The UK’s National Trust is one of the largest employers in Britain, and offers unique opportunities to experience British culture and history firsthand. They have jobs from general retail through to IT and marketing.
Travel Jobs and Work Exchanges:
• Little Ones London: – a well-respected website for finding work as an au pair in the United Kingdom, especially around London. Usually, meals and accommodation are provided.
• Working Travel: – Working Travel lists many different work exchange opportunities in England and elsewhere
• Home Backpackers: – Home Backpackers is a chain of youth hostels which frequently advertise for positions where work is exchanged for accommodation, meals and sometimes additional payment.
• HelpX: – a travel/work exchange website which lists many opportunities to exchange accommodation and other experiences for work on various properties including organic farms, hostels, and even boats!
• UK Pub Jobs: – For many people, a pub job is the ideal type of job to earn some money and experience UK culture. There are pubs in just about every village across the UK! UK Pub Jobs will help to find and arrange jobs for people on youth mobility visas, usually including accommodation.
Cost of Living:

The cost of living can vary quite substantially across the UK. Regional areas, especially in Scotland, can be quite inexpensive while London is considered one of the most expensive cities to live in the world.
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• (Scotland)
• (Ireland)
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